Día de la Tierra / Earth Day





Aunque sea salir un ratito y estar afuera en el patio, el día de la tierra (Earth Day) es el día ideal para estar en comunión con la naturaleza. Yo compartí con mi familia en el jardín.

¿Cómo pasaste el día de la tierra ayer? 

Even if it’s only going outside to be in the yard for a while, Earth Day is the ideal day for communing with nature. I spent sometime with my family in the garden.

How did you spend Earth Day yesterday? 

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  1. You know! I’m so late. I didn’t do anything super special for Earth day, but it was on my mind. I saw several postings about it. We keep a pretty green house so there wasn’t much more I could have done… perhaps use less water? Or plant a tree in an underdeveloped area?? No se.

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