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Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation Announces Inaugural Filmmaker Grant

— Two Filmmakers Will Each be Awarded a $10,000 Grant by The Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation —

LOS ANGELES, CA – April 1, 2021 – (LATIX NEWSWIRE) - Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz, president of the Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation, announced the opening of submissions prior to the Inaugural Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation MACEF Filmmaker Grant.

MACEF, was founded with a mission to address the negative image of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans who have been largely portrayed in the media through degrading stereotypes such as “criminals”, “the help”, “lazy”, “illegal invaders”, and “uneducated”, with devastating effects to the community. The MACEF board has decided that it is an important part of our mission to promote positive media content, as well as foster future Mexican-American, Chicana/o filmmakers to proactively change the narrative.

As films, TV, and media content online and on social media have a tremendous impact on the narrative, perception, and reputation of our community, MACEF, a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization has chosen to promote positive content, as well as foster future Mexican-American filmmakers to proactively change the narrative.

The Mexican-American Film/Television Festival, Grants, and Awards will serve to promote a more accurate portrayal, showing Mexican-Americans, Chicanas/os as a valuable part of American society.

MACEF'S three-pronged approach is as follows:

— The Mexican-American Film/Television Festival, Grants and Awards, a yearly event celebrating and sponsoring films, television, and streaming content made by Mexican-American/Chicana/os with positive and true-to-life stories.

— The MACEF Filmmaker Scholarship which will further the education of aspiring filmmakers who want to enter the film/television industry.

— The MACEF Filmmaker Grant.


Eligibility and Submissions Process for the MACEF Film Grant

MACEF Advisory Board Members, Alex Nogales, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Chairman & CEO Emeritus and Naibe Reynoso, Emmy Award-winning journalist and now author and publisher of Contodo Press, will oversee the selection process of the two applicants who will be awarded $10,000 each.

Eligibility:   Individuals already in the industry or starting out who need funds to finish their short film, a feature-length film, or TV pilot to put it on the market. Film school students working on their thesis film are encouraged to apply. Filmmakers of any background can apply, however, the production team must include at least one producer, writer, or director, and one main actor who identifies as Mexican-American or Chicana/o, of any generation or mixed ethnicity.

Submissions: To qualify for this grant the applicant must submit the script of the short film, feature-length film, or TV pilot, and be in an advanced stage of pre-production, production, or post-production. Qualifying films will be assessed by the quality of the story, culturally positive, the production team assembled, and the viability of the project. Non-stereotypical stories will have priority.

Grantees will have their film highlighted at the First Annual Mexican-American Film/Television Festival in May of 2022.

Submission Period:  April 1 and June 15, 2021

Applications for the Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation (MACEF) Film Grants will be accepted between April 1 and June 15, 2021. Those chosen to receive the Grant will be announced July 15 and the award amount will be dispersed at an August 2021 MACEF Reception. Grantees must present their film or television program at the first Mexican-American Film/Television Festival scheduled for May of 2022.

About the Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation:
The Mexican-American Cultural Education Foundation’s (MACEF) core goal is to spotlight the contributions the Mexican-American culture and people have given to America. We offer a free library of live and online seminars, grants, and scholarships to inspire pride and motivate success, specifically designed for Mexican immigrants, Mexican-Americans, Chicanos and any person wishing to embrace diversity and progress.

For information on how to apply go to under Scholarships & Grants.