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Abel Talamantez Named Director of Latin Music Division for Sotex Records Inc

HOUSTON, TX – Jult\Y 8, 2020 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - Sotex Records Inc, an Indie Record label in Houston Texas welcomes, Abel Talamantez as their new Director of Latin Music Division.

Originally from Pecos, Texas, Abel Talamantez has gone from small-town boy to internationally recognized artist. With almost 30-years in the music industry, Talamantez has evolved from a singer/entertainer to songwriter, producer, and now to an all-round music record executive. It comes as no surprise he would now add another accomplishment to his career, becoming the Director of the Latin Division for Sotex Records Inc.

Talamantez’s musical talents and versatility have taken him to over 36 countries, performing in the world’s greatest arenas and venues. He is the winner of multiple high recognition music industry awards and has landed record deals with all the major labels at some point in his career. Whether touring the world with the popular boyband Menudo, signing his English language record deal with Tommy Mottola, or being part of a diverse history with Kumbia Kings and Los Super Reyes, leveling up has seemed to come naturally to this Latin Grammy award winner.

Talamantez duties include running the Latin division of the record label department finding and nurturing musical talent, holistically planning artists' careers, and supervising recording projects.

Talamantez is on a mission to find the next international Latin star, utilizing all his musical career knowledge as an artist and record music executive. Abel brings together the balance of what it takes to be an artist on stage and behind the scenes. Eager to make Sotex Records one of the most successful independent labels in the music industry.

For Info on Sotex Records Inc visit website https://sotexrecords.com/